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Fingerprint Christmas Ideas

We are delighted to have been rushed off our feet recently with all your wonderful Pottery at Home kits. This has included some orders for schools and nurseries, who have enjoyed our Christmas decoration suggestions. So, we thought we would share these little tutorials for all to enjoy! We have used our flat hanging star decorations for this, but you are welcome to try it on other decorations, or even a completely different piece. Robin plate anyone? Or fairy lights round your Christmas tree lantern?


  • Make thumbprints with brown paint, relatively well spaced apart on the decoration.

  • When dry, add red tummies to your robins with smaller fingerprints.

  • Allow to dry, then add details with black paint and a fine brush. Give each of your robins an eye, beak, and a pair of legs!

Fairy Lights

  • Dab fingerprints in different colours around the star!

  • When these are dry, join them up with black paint, making little loops for the glowy fingerprint lights.

  • Add any writing you would like to the centre of the star - this could be a name, date, or anything else you like.

Feel free to paint both sides of the star - perhaps use one of these designs on one side and freestyle on the other! As always, the priority is to have fun, whatever your age or ability. The star decorations seen here are available individually in our special Secret Santa kits, or you can contact us to book a kit for a larger group!

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoy making some lovely memories and Creating Happy.

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