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Harry Potter-y

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Wow, what a few days it has been here at The Pottery. We were open all weekend for Open Studios and taster sessions in all sorts of arts and crafts, including the Japanese art of outdoor firing, Raku.

The feedback continues to be beyond our wildest dreams and everything we have worked towards for years, in creating this stunning, relaxed and creative space to work in ourselves and for everyone to be able to enjoy, whatever their interests, age and ability.

Yesterday, we held a Harry Potter-y themed pottery painting day and lots of happy people painted from 10am to 9pm, yes, all day long. Ok, so I caught a quick 40 winks between the end of the afternoon session and the adults arriving for their evening session. It had to be done, those sofas and art books are so welcoming and there for anyone to peruse. Help yourself to a cuppa from the kitchen. It was a fabulous day and again, all our hard work painting posters and decorating felt worthwhile when we saw so many happy faces and heard such amazing comments. We have ideas to make it bigger and better, but twelve weeks into our wonderful new venture, I think we did pretty well. I'll take that, for now.

Later this week we have pottery painting, bath bomb making, alien making, paint a flower pot and card making. Before that, I have lots of amazing Harry Potter-y bits and pieces to glaze and fire for you lovely lot so that you can take them home.

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