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Getting back to it…how does it work?

It’s been such a strange few weeks since we re-opened the studio. We cleaned, we printed signs, we bought more bottles of sanitiser, an extra 6 sets of glaze to swap in and out, lots more brushes, emptied the Pottery at Home kits and spent hours moving furniture in and out to make the most of the space, whilst ensuring good social distancing. We’ve changed it again since this photo but our basic situation is that we’ll take approximately 14 people in the studio at a time, which is under half of our capacity For those who’ve been before, we moved the counter, to reduce the flow of people around the studio. Collections happen at the door so the only people in the studio are those booked in.

The rules right now for our studio;


🖌 we can have up to six people from different households on a table (pottery painting or small party/celebration or BYO painting evening)

🖌 we can have two households on a table even if that’s over six (pottery painting or family/friends celebration)

🖌 we can have people socially distanced working at separate workstations. This allows 10 in our studio or a bit more if some are sharing (Summer Pottery Camp age 11+ 9-11 August, silver workshops, stoneware glazing workshops, glazing workshops)


🖌the tables are really spaced out and we have a marquee on loan from our friends at Craft Signs in Mansfield, who do all our printing and signage including pottery car. We can seat 12 under the three sided marquee and have up to 24 in the garden with sole use or individual tables. This is well within the 30 limit allowed together outside.

We had a lovely busy week at half term, within our reduced numbers, but have been pretty quiet since, so do book in. If you’re worried about anything, just ask. We can allow extra space, open windows or seat you outside. Staff wear masks inside when customers are in and customers wear them when walking around. We only have one table walking around, choosing pottery at any time. It took us a while to get comfortable with all the new systems but we’re absolutely fine now and know exactly how to handle everything to keep you and us as safe as possible while having a great time.

Bean Scene Cafe arrived on the courtyard during the pandemic, and is a great addition. We continue to provide water and squash for children or you can bring your own Just pop your mask on, go up to the cafe and order and they will deliver. The toilets are to the right of the main cafe building. You’ll also see the crazy golf on your way which is £2 per person.

When you’ve chosen your pottery, we’ll explain what to do and show you how your glazes work. This really is something for complete beginners of all ages as well as those who have become our much loved regular painters. We’ll leave you to it but just ask if you want anything brought to you or help with anything at all. You have a couple of hours to complete your pieces, which are then left with us to dry, have a coat of clear glaze and are then fired to 1000 degrees in our kilns. You can collect your shiny, finished pieces a week or so later. Bookings are all on our website, so we have contact details for Track and Trace, we require a £20 deposit per inside table, which is taken off your pottery price on the day.

If you’re happier socialising at home or would like an individual kit or even a present delivered, we are still very much making up gone kits. Just get in touch or order online. You can even borrow a lovely hamper for a special occasion.

Check out pottery painting Friday-Monday, baby prints and imprints by individual appointnent, adult BYO evenings, silver workshops and specialist glazing workshops, all under bookings on this website. We just opened bookings for our popular Summer Camp aged 11+.

#creatinghappy even in the storm of 2021.

See you soon


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